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Welcome to Heavenís Landing, the most unique and beautiful Mountain Estate Airpark in the world.  Located three miles northwest of the City of Clayton, Heavenís Landing is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northeast Georgia.

Heavenís Landing is a 639 acre gated community surrounded by thousands of acres of National Forest, but uniquely located only minutes from downtown convenience. .  The aviation centerpiece of Heavenís Landing is a 5,200 foot paved concrete runway with an FAA certified GPS approach and pilot controlled lighting.  The runway is designed to accommodate most any private aircraft, but is exclusively used by community members and guests only. Four hundred estate sized lots with ďheavenly viewsĒ encircle the landing strip. Check out Heaven's Landing's featured videos here.

A short minute drive from Heavenís Landing to downtown Clayton Ga provides for a multitude of area amenities in a home town atmosphere that includes four of  the "Top 100" rated restaurants in the United States. Rabun County was also recently named the "Farm to Table Capital of Georgia". Great food is plentiful and shopping is abundant, yet big city traffic is never an issue.

The climate at Heavenís Landing features a perfect balance of all four seasons.  Long noted as a place ďWhere Spring Spends the SummerĒ, Rabun County enjoys mild Spring like temperatures right through October.  Fall colors are breathtaking, and Winter at Heavenís Landing is most always mild.  Snowfall is rare, with just two to five inches on average annually, and before you know it Spring comes back around featuring beautiful dogwood blossoms that compliment a rolling mountain landscape of emerald green.  


Taxiway lots are available at Heavenís Landing, so you can construct your home and hangar together if preferred.  However, many of our property owners opt for one of our spectacular mountain vista lots as a desirable alternative.  In order to accommodate housing the aircraft belonging to our ďnon-taxiwayĒ residents, we have an exquisitely designed hangar facility located adjacent to the runway.  All hangars feature standing seam roofing, bi-fold doors, bathroom facilities, and windows that aesthetically cause these hangars to look nothing like hangars at all!                         

Heavenís Landing is a ďone stopĒ fly-in community as well.  With some of the lowest priced 100LL and Jet A fuel in the country, there is rarely a need for an intermittent stop in route to your destination.  Each owner at Heavenís Landing also shares in an undivided interest in the community runway, so its use can never be taken away or tolled.  The covenants here at Heavenís Landing at smart and equitable!

In and of itself, Heavenís Landing is an absolutely astonishing place to live.  With amazing year round weather, unbelievable scenery, reciprocal amenities at the Waterfall Club, four of the ďTop 100Ē rated restaurants in the country, great shopping, healthcare, and schools, golfing, whitewater rafting, zip lining, hiking, boating, biking, etc., one might wonder, ďWhat more could you ask for?Ē  That however is where Heavenís Landing really gets interesting!    

In addition to all of the aforementioned amenities, Heavenís Landing recently revolutionized the residential fly-in concept by teaming up with the Grand Isle Resort located at Emerald Bay in the Bahamas.   This partnership officially establishes a ďHeavenís Landing Beachfront OutpostĒ at a highly exclusive private ocean side resort with a ďGreg Norman Signature Golf CourseĒ!  No other residential fly-in community in the world offers anything close, and amazing destinations like this are the essence of why all of us love to fly!  Imagine owning a beautiful fly-in mountain dream home at Heavenís Landing, while also having the ability to be in a five star villa on the most beautiful beach in the world after just a short private flight.  This is no longer just a dream.  Heavenís Landing and Grand Isle Resort have now made this a reality. Heavenís Landing owners are now granted highly discounted exclusive privileges at Grand Isle Resort, and there is no added cost for membership.  By virtue of this relationship, all Heavenís Landing owners receive a 40% discount on their villa of choice, a free golf cart rental, and a welcome gift courtesy of GIV Bahamas Incorporated.  So where would you like to be today?  The mountains, or the beach?  Heavenís Landing and Grand Isle Resort now exclusively offer you the absolute best of both.



Heavenís Landing substantially raises the bar for todayís ďfly-inĒ standard of living.  Heavenís Landing is more than just a runway next to your home, and much more than just another beautiful place in the mountains.  Heavenís Landing is a complete lifestyle!  When you live at Heavenís Landing you have little reason or need to be anywhere else, yet you always have the flexibility to conveniently go anywhere that you want to be.  Heavenís Landing is a waypoint to the world, but more importantly Heavenís Landing is a perfect destination.

Heavenís Landing offers a unique combination of world class design, plentiful amenities, great reciprocal partnerships, beautiful mountain scenery, and seclusion without inconvenienceÖ  ďLike No Place on Earth!Ē

Heavenís Landing lot sizes average 1.5 acres, and prices currently range from $120,000 to $299,000.  Architectural guidelines with mandatory review ensure quality and guarantee aesthetic appeal.  Our minimum home size requirement is 2,000 square feet, and there is no build time requirement at Heavenís Landing, so you can buy your dream location now, and build your dream home when the time is right for you!  At Heavenís Landing the cost of living is low and the quality of life is out of this world!

When you are ready to own your slice of Heaven, give us a call.  Tours of Heavenís Landing are available seven days a week, but by appointment only.  Call us to schedule your visit today, and come see why Heavenís Landing truly lives up to its name!  

Heavenís Landing (GE99) has an RNAV GPS Approach to Runway 23


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